Making graphics, animation and such...

I’m really interested in learning something fresh at the moment, I’ve done loads of courses in stuff that involves my work and I’m a bit sick of it in many ways. I’m really interested in doing something involving mixed media, animation or graphics at the moment.

I’m not totally stabbing in the dark either with this, I’m good at drawing, decent at a few other applications. But I’ll have to be humble and say my knowledge is very patchy !

Does anyone know where a good place to start might be? In terms of best programmes to get to grips to.

One project I’m just working on at the moment involves an overhead projection for a DJ set I’m doing, I was using vegas but I was wondering what else is out there, where’s a good starting point.

This is much more hobby, than me taking a new direction in career or anything.

Cheers in advance.

any sort of graphic work i have done has been on adobe, wish i could help you more but my knowledge is not that great on it.

i would google to 10 graphic programs and see whats about then look into it a bit more from there.

It’s a very broad spectrum, but here are links to the industry standards in some of the areas…

Graphics - Compositing - Adobe Photoshop…or The Gimp (free!)
Graphics - Illustration - Adobe Illustrator
Graphics - Desktop Publishing - Adobe InDesign
Animation - Autodesk 3DStudioMax
Animation - Autodesk Maya
Movies - Editing/FX - Adobe Aftereffects
Movies - Editing - Autodesk Smoke
Movies - FX/Compositing - Autodesk Flame

Good luck! :slight_smile:

Cheers, I’ll get on the torrents tonight and spend the following few hours changing over compatability running on keygens and cracks.

That software is pretty expensive. I know there aren’t really any cheap alternatives that can yeild as good as results.

I use after effects too mate, alot to get to grips with. There’s a good torrent on the piratebay with loads of seeders with working key.

Awsome programme and when I can afford it i’ll buy a legit copy.
I’ve been doing some intro’s for my films that are aww asses um

Cheers for the info, I guess smoke and flame can’t be used for the PC?

After-effects is pretty stunning, used bits of it before but i’ve seen examples of how good it can get it’s absolutely stunning if you’re willing to put a lot of time and effort into using it.

Smoke is available on the Mac, but Flame is curently only Linux based. These are kind of high-end ‘pro’ applications tho used by post-production companies, etc. Flame for example is only sold as a ‘turnkey’ system (meaning trhat all the hardware - computer, external storage, etc) is included in the price…which is about £150K :crazy:…for the software only (i.e. if you have the necessary hardware already) it’s a snip at about £90K :hehe:

Forget Smoke and Flame - thats the VERY deep end!

After Effects is the most awesome shizzle you can learn. We use it every day, check out my company…

We use After Effects and 3D Studio Max - Oh and Photoplop is a big part of it.

Wow that’s some nice stuff, very professional, well I guess it is professional . I’m sorry I neglected my computer talents for years, I was doing video editing when I was 15. I just didn’t see a future in back then. I’ve done a few videos in vegas in the past and had one used as a music video for a friend.

Thanks for sharing these links. But if will check autodesk autocad 2019 pricing, it is not that high. I would recommend to buy a licensed product and be 100% sure that it will work fine and in stable way. You can check prices here

I’d say it’s probably a case that they’ve made their decision within the last 8 years.

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my Q is: how do people find these old threads?