Making a Will

It’s one of those things that you always hope you will never need but you know it’s got to be done.:pinch:She who must be obeyed and I need to make new wills and I was wondering if anyone knew where I can get a standard will template from?

I know you can buy standard forms from WH Smith but an online one would be handy:cool:



ps… And even if you think you don’t need to make one, you really should:cool:

Go post office chunks:D I sorted my will after my last bike accident, under pressure from my Dad, as he stated i have children so best to be sorted as i don’t want them living with their dad if anything happens to me:P

Hiya Wasp:)

As I say I know I can buy standard paper ones but an word template would be nice as a few other family members have expressed an interest in doing one too.

I’m not sure who to leave my collection of Celebrity Belly Button Fluff to though:cool:

If you get a decent answer, I’d be interested.

I went to one of those “morbidity” site (those things where you enter some stuff about family history and your own life style) a while ago.

Can’t have been too accurate as I’m still here but making a new will makes some sense given the prediction.


I found these two last will and testament examples using the power of Google! :wink:

Weve been thinking about getting a will aswell, my solisitor wanted £200 for a joint will, ill go to the post office on Monday, cheers wasp.

Do a bit of research on on their main site and forums. Full of advice and links.

I use this site a lot, saved me thousands this year by getting my council tax re-banded (and got a 14 yr refund too :smiley: ), moved my household insurance saving £200 per annum, tarted my credit card to a 0% on balance tranfers one and cleared that eventually, and sneakily got thousands of extra Tescos clubcard points which is now taking us to Florida, Georgia and South Carolina for half the price i would have paid.

Happy in Herts :smiley:

Thanks Tim, you obviously didn’t read what that link was for:D

Ahh but I did, and you subtly missed my point, why do you think your missus wants you to do a will? She’s obviously noticed your losing your marbles!! :w00t:

You think I’m not worth resuscitating do ya? Cheers Buddy:P

Wait till i see you next;)

Found this if its of any help to anyone:)

ChunkyMonkey (30/03/2008)

Well I guess that depends on whether you leave me your TL or not?!? :wink:

PompeyTim (31/03/2008)

Haha I will add that in… Timbo gets my TL keyring…LOL:D

A bit off-topic(ish)

When i was in Tenerife in January I got chatting to an old boy one day by the pool. He comes from Suffolk and owns a pristine condition 1934 Ford V8 Coupe. (This is the model that bonnie and Clyde used)

It’s been his life’s work to rebuild this motor and there is (IIRC) only 4 of them in the UK.

He was saying that he has written in his will that he wants it crushed when he dies.

I thought to myself “You selfish c**t”:smiley:

If he’s got the “being of sound mind…” bit in his will, there’s not a petrol head in the country who wont vouch just the oposite in there’s an application to have the will set aside.