Makin yer blood boil... :)

Well its that limbo period tween Xmas and NY (and no I don’t mean that over-hyped city full of Septics!)

It is however a time when people have plenty of exactly that on their hands…and funnily enough its a great opportunity to visit your local blood bank and donate a pint of the well-fed claret currently pumpin’ round your fine selves… think about it. The emergency services run 24/7, even through the holidays…but how many people do you think donate during this time?

And think about this… the country has enough blood stocks to last about 5 days…AT BEST!!! So give it a thought, your donation could save someone’s life…and it costs nothing…plus you get free biscuits! :smiley:

Donated recently already? Well done!

Registered but not donated…look at it as a good way to spend a couple of hours doing somethin’ other than starin’ at the box or stuffin’ yer faces!

Never donated but want to register? Have a look below at my sig…you’ll find everything you need to know there… Give em a call and get yourselves signed up. :slight_smile:

Have a good one folks!

hey no one ever mentioned biscuits before…I will have to go find the local site for giving blood…yes you have made me think i should and i will…new year…

I am sure there are lots of people in my position who used to give blood regularly but due to medication for asthma are no longer able to. That makes my blood boil!