Makes me want to buy a skateboard...

Music is “Knowhere” by Redhanded.

Video is nowhere by, to be seen.:smiley:

You coming Dambusting? Bandits at 9.30

Don’t you get a “play” button in the middle of the screen for you to press?Re Dambusting, am already committed to a mission 2400 hrs prior due to overriding orders from my Squadron Leader, whether I join your little sortie depends when that mission ends (it may go on till dawn patrol). Also Ace Officers Mess is not convenient to our dispersal unit so should you be venturing to our vicinity please radio me your expected coordinates and ETA.Weather dependent, of course ;)Ground crew have done a splendid job of repairing the Merlins :cool:

ill lend u my skateboard iff u want :smiley: