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“come on suzi”… “ffs jane this things got a miss-fire”


“Thats it!! If I cant wear my helmet in Tesco then I aint ever gonna wear it!!”


You bitch

“Right girls, the heaviest one has to go off the back or we’ll never win!”

Kagayama, nori haga and noric Abe’s one bike team could only manage 3rd spot on the podium, hopefully this result will produce a sponsorship deal!!

The schoolgirls rode like the wind when they heard that Gary Glitter was behind them…

You can be funny sometimes

Toby was being chased relentlessly for his anti scooter rant.

Rider 01: “Did you order extras with the pizza?”

“If those girls on the scooter come around me too, I’m going to give my mechanic a STERN talking to!!!”

are you sure this tom tom right…

I don’t care if they left 10 minutes early. I’ll still get there first

‘Tut tut under taken again! Get your head down your go faster!’ said Suzi.

‘Bloody back seat riders!’ Said Kate…

Aww you flucking plick, tol you to turn right not lef, now we fwee up on wace twack

How many girls does it take to race a scooter?

we’ve got to get them rascals that nicked our bikes…

Saw this abstract in a journal listing at work and thought of the 3 girls (the authors are Japanese)

An Autopsy Case of Heart Rupture from a Scooter Accident with 3 Riders

In the case reported, a 15-year-old male died of cardiac rupture after sustaining a blunt chest trauma when a scooter carrying three people collided with a tree. The deceased had been sitting on the footrest of the scooter. It was concluded that the victim was compressed between the scooter’s handlebars and the other two passengers…(took the techy bit out) The other two passengers were not thrown from the scooter and sustained only minor injuries, probably because the victim acted as a cushion for them.

Things always happens with 3…