Make shift motorbike sat nav


I have been contemplating this idea for a while now I have car sat nav tomtom go 710…

I also have a lidl rider to pillion intercom…

so I have been thinking about putting the satnav in the top of my tank bag, putting one mic by the sat nav and seeing what happened.

well tonight I have alot of riding around london to do and mostly places Ihave never been before so thought I’d test my theory on the way to work this morning…

and what a result worked perfectly so I’m well chuffed with that, so there you go the intercom at £6 is proper multi purpose.

very ingenious Sleeper!! :wink:

Older Tom Toms had an earphone socket - That is how I use mine. Putting the Satnav in a tank bag or map case is a good idea as well.

I just put my Nuvi in my back pocket, plug it in to my lid-phones and wait for the directions (speaks street names!)

I bought a TomTom One new off ebay for £70…It’s virtually the same as a Rider, but not fully waterproof.

Thing is it sits behind my screen and stays dry anyway.

It’s mounted with a £37 RAM mount to the steering stem. Working very well so far and much cheaper than £250+ Rider.

TomTom One on ebay
TomTom One mount

I use an older tom tom one. with the headphone socket, in my tank bag, I plug in an fm transmitter which I receive on my mobile, so I’m not connected to the tank bag, so cant walk off still plugged in. :stuck_out_tongue: