Make over

The moto’s soon to get a makeover, just bagged myself a black fuel tank and plastics off ebay for cheaper than the price of a new fuel tank. Photos will follow as soon as ive fitted them.

Next on the menu is a full akro system…

Dont forget some ‘before’ pics…


I’ll be sure to take some before i strip her down

nice set of billet triple clamps would set it off with some talon excel wheels too… oh…ive got some for sale…amongst other bits…:slight_smile:

Already got some nice wheels and clamps. Checked out your stuff on the forum though and im too slow as everything seems to have gone. Bike looked proper sweet though, why break it instead of sell as it was?

Changed all the plastics and that on the bike, will get pics up soon as i can.

Think i may have f’d the gearbox though, the engine’s knocking quite bad now and its not the piston. I read on another thread that if you change down to quick without a slipper clutch you can f*ck up the gearbox because the wheel spins faster than the engine so i reckon maybe thats wat ive done.