Make Noise For Marco (#MakeNoiseForMarcoSunday)

I will be doing this tomorrow!

Facebook ‘event’

If you’re going to do this (Joby), check the oil level in your bike first! :smiley:

Same invited every rider on me facebook too
shall we have a LB meet up and film to post on the site?

That’d be cool, if I’m on the Jetstream ride I’ll try and convince them to stop and have a rev! Shame we can’t do it in the Goodwood tunnel…ALTHOUGH I heard Claire was doing a ride there, that could be a cool added extra!

Right that’s it SOLD!!!

Hmm, so the VFR is going to have a much bigger hole in the exhaust… :w00t:

[COUGH] I think someone else also needs to check there oil

I think someone needs to check their spelling :stuck_out_tongue:

with bit of luck everyone down the Ace 2moro will join in with this…Im contemplating Hatfield tunnel 3rd gear n redline the fker :smiley:

i’ll be at the ace at 10.30.
cant think of a better place. :slight_smile:

Sounds good. Now I’ve got most of a bike back from Tashkent, I’ll hope to join you.

I was suggesting something similar for Puppy’s rideout, though its tricky to everything synchronized. Perhaps Pimlico’s rideout?

When we arrived in Bahrain last year, all the HOGs revved for a good while when we reached the hotel … sounded amazing, then the silence was deafening too.

I wouldn’t suggest you make too much noise in the goodwood tunnel, they really do not appreciate it, trust me i know :Whistling:

You will be asked to leave and not come back!!!

Well we’ve allegedly got permission, either way I’m leaving and not coming back anyway :smiley:

Have to agree, they do have a sense of humour failure at times. FFS its an airstrip and a racetrack, whats a bit of noise between friends?:slight_smile:

pmsl…Tell him to go f* themselves :stuck_out_tongue:

I could check the oil but the bike is in storage. I could bring the Volvo and rev that. If you listen carefully you can hear the turbo whistle.