Major ooooops

So I upgraded the phone system I used yesterday.

Speaking to someone on the phone earlier put them on mute. called them an idiot little did I know on the new system the mute did not work and they heard me!!!

oooopsie, handed straight to the manager think I’ll be ok but lesson learnt there, when you have new phone systems make sure mute is working before you say anything

hahahaha MUTE idiot


look on my managers face when I said, I need to pass this bloke through I called him an idiot and he heard me. was not an impressed look!

It happens… embarassing but hilarious :smiley:

I always say be honest :smiley: if he’s an idiot then he’s an idiot lol

Feck! We got some new poxy web based phone system at work, I better check mute works :w00t:

I said the C word as I was hanging up the phone after a heated convo. They called straight back to complain, got put through the director, who was actually next to me when I said it. Listened to them complain then promptly told them they was a C and told them to put their director on the phone. :hehe:

Were they shITELs (MITEL) by any chance?

sounds like someone didn’t test the new system properly

We all do it, just as bad if you’re saying something rude and the person is standing behind you! As long as all you got was a telling off, keep calm and carry on as they say :slight_smile:

no not mitel. MS Lync.

Turns out was my fault for not changing the settings…

haha all is fine now, everything sorted

I thought lync was only for microsoft employees?!

No, Lync is formerly MS Office Communicator. But it is now being deploy in IP phones as well.

We’re in the process of testing and deploying the desktop component. We use Mitel and it is more cost effective than Cisco, or Avaya. And we have put in on mpls lines with no QOS or VLAN tagging and have perfect quality. Very quick to deploy.