maitland racing

Has anyone used Maitland racing in camden for an MOT?

They’re just around the corner from my work so i could get an mot done on my lunch.

Ive got and aftermarket can ( no baffle) )that is not mega loud and a small-ish plate but ive never had any mot issues with them before.

just wondering how strict these guys are in terms of exhausts/number plates and the like.

Why don’t you go around the corner and ask them? You could even take the bike and they could have a listen.If I knew they might…I wouldn’t publisize it…Wouldn’t want to risk getting them in trouble.

Never heard anyone mention them or knew they were there. If you do go let us know how you get on.

As for the loud pipe, you should just get a Advisory if they are bothered and a small plate will be flagged before they even start if they care about it. Which I doubt they’ll be concerned about.

yea i guess so… ill roll by and see what they say before hand.

I’ve used them twice with my Monster, first time no advisories (Sil Motor cans no baffles), second time Noisy Exhaust (I offered to put the baffles in before the MOT he said it would make no difference!), with no change done to the bike in the meantime. They seem ok, I failed last time due to a sticky rear light switch, got it replaced and they did the paperwork very fast.

I have used them for 25 years or more. They are pretty laid back and for servicing reasonably priced.

Cool nice one guys.