MAG- Talk from a racer

Hi all,

We’re thinking of arranging a talk given by a motorcycle racer. He’s a young man- around 17/18 years old, who’s been racing since childhood. He’d be talking about his experiences, how to get into racing and that sort of thing. Would any of you be interested in coming along? It’d be on the 7th June at The Miller near London Bridge.

If we generate enough interest then I’ll book him in.

I would not be interested in that.

Sorry can’t do, day and location pretty bad for me

Since you ask and need feedback, I would not be interested on that either. But best of luck.

yeah, not for me either. you’d be better marketing to a younger demographic.

yeah, not for me either. you'd be better marketing to a younger demographic. me_groovy

Exactly… also I  wonder how much can a 17 year old share about life… I mean It would make more sense a talk from a retired moto GP racer or so… that kid has a lot of things to go through on his professional career still.

Thanks for the feedback! 

As a bit more background, that might make some a little more intrested, he’s been racing since he was about 4 years old. He was signed to Collision Kawasaki in the National Superstock 600 championships and was a British Superbike rider, among other things. He’s very experienced for his young age. 

Any suggestions for finding a younger demographic? I thought London Bikers was a whole mix.

Contact Bemsee and ask them, their junior riders might be interested.

I would be interested in hearing what he has to say. So far you’ve been talking to the old boring riders ;-) 

I thought it was of interest, just I can’t attend.

Yeah, it sounds like it’d be interesting to anyone who follows racing, surely? A bit of a behind-the-scenes insight into how you get into it and what goes on. I guess knowing that he’s raced in some particular series would help get fans of that series. I’d probably be a bit interested in that case, but I’m already busy.

In all honesty, all of these talks ‘sound interesting’. There’s a  big gap between something sounding interesting, to someone considering attending, to someone actually attending…

Personally I’m too far out to make a trip into London for something like this,…

Who is it?

I think what people are trying to say is, the majority of us are a bit past the age where we would try to get into racing, it’s mainly track days for us now. If it was a retired racer that spoke about his life as a racer that would appeal to our age group better.

For a 17 year old racer you would probably be best off talking to the 125 Bike forums such as the YZF R125 owners or CBR125RR owners etc. as these will be of a similar age and may want to know how to get involved in racing.

If it was a retired racer that spoke about his life as a racer that would appeal to our age group better. Marmablade
exactly this

A guy called Jesse Jones-

I mean, I guess he is a retired racer. Maybe I should have phrased the first post as ‘A retired racer, with 15 years racing under his belt’! Lol! 

I’ll check those forums out, Marmblade. 

Contact Bemsee and ask them, their junior riders might be interested.

from what i hear on the grape vine Bemsee is a absolute shambles best to contact someone in thundersport ;) 

much better organised 

in any case, thanks Ida for your effort.

I think those of us that already race know lots of BSB riders and such… so for me, not of interest. I think there’s a lot of scope for a different audience, as one of the chaps said maybe BEMSEE might utilise such a talk at one of their CTC courses.

No worries Silver! We do have some interest on the MAG facebook group, but we’re still early days yet, so it’s slow going! It’s great to get some feedback of what people would be interested in.

On a different note, what would get you down to a MAG meeting, if anything? 

We’re tryiong to arrange them at different spots throughout London and hope to be able to host bands and stuff when we’re a bit bigger.