MAG Survey on commuting - this week only

Knowing who rides to work - and why - is key to promoting the choice of
riding to work. Motorcycles and scooters are too often overlooked as an
option for the daily commute. There is opportunity to get a greater
proportion of commuters out of cars and onto two wheels. That would be
a positive outcome for everyone as it reduces congestion and emissions
and gets more people smiling on a Monday morning.”

MAG hope to share the survey results as soon as Friday this week, so
don’t delay. Please share the survey link with everyone who rides to
your place work. The more responses we get, the better picture we will
see of the diversity of riders. Find the survey here: , and be sure to enter the prize draw to win a
disc lock.

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Probably not going to get true reflection of the commuting population right now given a decent chunk of population still WFH? Isn’t it better to wait till a month or so after 21/6 when things have normalised a bit?

Your survey design needs some addressing. Unless you are using the free survey monkey tool and are limited what you can do?

There’s a grammar issue in first question (missing a ‘do’)

Q2 If I then tick never for both poor and fine weather it asks me subsequent questions about the bike I use for commuting… In theory the survey should end for me there or at least I shouldn’t see Q2 or there should be a ‘none’ option. You may think that this survey is clearly only for those who ride to work but you need to take account of people sharing the link without explaining and random people will fill it in. Hell I didn’t even get it immediately.

Q7, your multicode answer setup doesn’t work as you can select all the options and the not applicable… (Unlike your earlier questions with the ‘none’ option

I didn’t get past page 1 as didn’t want to fill in with dummy data…

Those are just the immediate points without going into finer detail of question wording, having the none always as the last option etc.


I didn’t write it - and managed to get through it without too much trouble. I think it is the free Survey Monkey tool as MAG is short of funds (the pandemic has meant most MAG events having to be cancelled). I will feed back to the MAG Office though.

Ah sorry misunderstood…yeah the survey mainly works if you commute but can be confusing if not. And yes some questions are doable but not really good practice from a market research point of view

I always say a good design helps improve data quality and if one wants to use it for PR, means you can question one thing less…

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Also good design now helps with analysis later on.otherwise you spent too much time recoding and cleaning data. (Especially with such a short turnaround)

Appreciate it’s done by non marketeers though


it is a competition to see who has the longest commute
id be up for that

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all filled out, as above though and appreciate you are just spreading the word but seems like it was a last minute thought as some of those questions I’m not sure were/are relevant.

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100+ miles commute
beat that Elive
my current commute is 126miles Maldon In Essex To Westwell

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We probably could do with some advice on market research - a lot of us are volunteers and it’s not our field of expertise. I agree that good data is vital - we are likely to be challenged, so we do need to do a good job with this sort of thing. I’ll feed back to the MAG Central Office peeps though.

Thanks! I’m sure we’ll learn and get things better next time!

Sure I get it, if it makes you feel any better have seen worse designed surveys from very large corporates who just hire a PR agency to do :slight_smile:

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