MAG - now you see us ride Sat 23rd Aug

Just reading Visor down online and i see MAG (motorcycle action group) are creating a Now You See us campaign due to the high number of drivers who knock us lovely lot off and then get very poor punishment for it even if we are seriously hurt or killed.

I’m not the biggest fan of these guys BUT they do have my attention on this one as i do think drivers need a bit of an incentive to look out for us a bit more. I think most of you who ride in London every day would agree.

Its bad enough we have to have eyes in the back of our head and those of us who commute daily almost accept the fact that we are prob going to get knocked off at some point by this exact sort of driver, but when it happens the drivers don’t get punished.

So i think this might be a ride I join. Provided they don’t jut plan to piss everyone off like they did for the bike parking charges ride.–general-news/mag-plans-demos-in-nine-cities/25253.html