MAG meeting reminder

Just a reminder for those of you that are thinking of coming that the meeting is this Thursday at the Ace cafe from 7 you don’t have to be there at the start.

What are the points you are going to talk about?  What time do you think it will end?

I plan on talking about, everything that is brought up to do with being a biker in London, for example:- bus lanes, parking, filtering, security. Anything that is a concern to us. If you want to come and ask a question come along its open to everybody.
After all it’s a riders rights organisation

I would have come along but Thursday & Fridays for me are a no go

I have to get home sharp

One of my thoughts is to have a meeting once a week in different parts of London on different nights. I wouldn’t be able to attend all of them because I work shifts, it would let more people get involved. There used to be several MAG groups in London so there must be old meeting places we could use.

 If you ever need a guest speaker, just let me know, always happy to help, and I don’t charge anything ;0)

I am speaking at Burgess Hill Motorcycle Club tonight.

I used to attend MAG meetings at The Ruskin Arms in Manor Park.

It was quite a while ago though and the pub has changed a lot since then.

TC would you do an evening at the OMC maybe if they are in agreement? We’ve had some good courses and seminars there.

How did not go last night T.C.?

TC would you do an evening at the OMC maybe if they are in agreement? We've had some good courses and seminars there. Joby
I would be happy to.  Al I need is a couple of dates just in case anyting clashes with my diary, but otherwise hapy to fit in with you.  Drop me a PM and I will be happy to let you have my email and phone number so we can discuss further

How did not go last night T.C.?

Went very well thanks.  Good turnout, lots of questions, a few myths dispelled and they let me get away around 11pm.

Got to bed just after 1 this morning, now getting ready to hit the road againas I have to meet a chap to discuss his sons fatal bike crash that he wants me to take over from current solicitors.

Not been to Milton Keynes for a long time :wink:

More MAG people than you can shake a stick at. Poor LB showing so far.

I woulda been up for it, but night shift made attendance a little tricky…

we even had Ian Mutch all the way from Glastonbury.