MAG at the Ace

Today at the Ace Cafe MAG officials will be at the Ace cafe. If you want to find out what we’ve done for PTW in London and the rest of the country come along.

What time from and until Tim?

sorry we didnt make it back until 6 and it was pissing it down.

hope you guys had a good day today and to catch up soon.

Yes a good day and look forward to catching up with you. In did get a little burnt by the sun

Very sorry we couldn’t talk to you today TT but we did have to set off - we had people waiting for us to pick them up and one to meet at various places on our rideout. We’ll catch you another time no doubt.  

No problem. I am planning on being the on the 30th October this year and 23rd April next year. I’m also planning on doing other stuff under the Motorcycle Action Group banner that anybody can attend.  do have an AGM at the Ace on the 21st August at 5pm but only MAG members can vote.