Made-to-measure textile gear

I heard that the Met (or was it City?) Police get their Cordura textile gear made-to-measure. Does anyone know the name of the manufacturer and whether they supply to Mr Joseph Public?


I know that they get made to measure leathers, but have not heard about made to measue textile kit.

Depending on the size requirements we deal with a few brands catering for the larger chap. One being Racer who go up to a 12XL, the right honourable Mattcbf600 currently is wearing some trousers from them…not 12XL i might add

Baby Polar Bear is another member who we have supplied, this time with ‘custom’ sized Rukka kit who also cater to larger sizes.

As for the Police, I do believe that alot of their kit is supplied by Silvermans in E1

hope that helps

Ooh cheers for that.

I’m not a particularly large chap but apparently I have a high waist (sez my tailor:blush so stuff that fits round the waist is usually too short in the leg, while the right leg-length usually comes with the waist measurement from a pair of clown’s trousers

When you say “we deal with a few brands …” who is “we”? I might have to pop along for a browse.