Made in Chelsea Sunday 8th of July

Made in Chelsea

This ride out is weather permitting (naturally). I’ll post on Saturday 7th of July if we are on.

Meet at my Cafe “Cafe Forum” 146 Gloucester Road. SW7 4SZ

Departing at 09:30 sharp. Arrive at 08:30 for coffee and crossants (naturally). English breakfast is also available.

Full tanks please, get some VPower (naturally) beforehand at the local Shell which has Pay at the Pump.

The ride will be between 200 and 300 miles at a steady pace occasionally dropping the hammer.

We will be may using the corner man system depending on the turnout. The cornerman system is explained here.

Will involve some motorway so no 125s.

No nobbers (naturally), if you ride like a nobber do not be offeneded if you are asked to leave.

hope you are well! I’ve not been out in ages but should be free this sunday if the weather is good!! Hope to see ya then! =)

We might come if it`s really sunny.:stuck_out_tongue:

Weather looks pants on Sunday :crazy:

which way are you heading?

West on the M4 then North or maybe South. Weather doesn’t look good but maybe it’ll change between now and Sunday morning. We’ve been lucky the past 3 weeks.

Sounds good, as long a it’s dry :smiley:

M4 closed!

I’ve looked at the weather and it looks OK so I think we should run the risk and be sun seekers. With the M4 closed we’ll have to take the M3 or maybe the A3. I’ll figure something out.

We love the M3.:smiley:

Looking better south westish.:slight_smile:

not enough days in the week end , I’m out.:frowning:

Cool mate see you in the morning

Shame mate, hope to catch up with u soon :slight_smile:

Well it’s definitely raining at the moment. I’m going down to see if anyone turns up then we can make a call as to what to do.

Home safely after 310 miles of sun and fun.:smiley:

Thanks to Joby for a cracking route, lots of good roads we`ve never been on before.

Thanks to Franco for running short of petrol so soon so we had some extra breaks.:stuck_out_tongue:

Nice to meet Francos son Louie for the final run back to the Ace where Jobys Columbian girlfriend insisted on having her photo taken with us all, thanks for that Juanita.:w00t:

Nice morning stop at Heidis patisserie and a lovely lunch in Wooton Basset at the Angel. Lovely waitresses at both venues, Juanita would have been jealous if shed seen the girls fawning over Joby and his Pear Parfait.:blush:

Joby lost motor control of his right hand resulting in over reving on several occasions, which strangely coincided with pubescent girls minding their own business.:Whistling:

Other than that the group behaved well and were a credit to LB.:Wow:

And Juan of Juanita.

Jealous! Where did you get that weather??!?!


Top day out!

Great roads Joby, good call, you managed to find the sun as intended! Top man!

Julie & Chris, great to be out with you again, your bike is back on form :wink:

Apologies for the petrol stops, must have a hole in my tank!

Thanks for the pass-by too pick up Louie, he loved going pillion!

Great photos, cracking lunch and pre-lunch snack!

Had a great ride out, yet again always a laugh to be had with the London Bikers :slight_smile:

Or several sudden jerks in the wrist :stuck_out_tongue:

Doh, it rained here so I should have gone after all.