Made in Chelsea Sunday 24th of June

Made in Chelsea

This ride out is weather permitting. Ya or Na will be posted on Saturday 23rd of June.

Meet at my Cafe “Cafe Forum” 146 Gloucester Road. SW7 4SZ

Departing at 09:30 Sharp. Arrive at 08:30 for coffee and crossants (naturally). English breakfast is also available.

Full tanks please, get some VPower (naturally) beforehand at the local Shell which has Pay at the Pump.

The ride will be between 200 and 300 miles at a steady pace occasionally dropping the hammer.

We will be using the corner man system which is explained here.

Will involve some motorway so no 125s.

No nobbers (naturally), if you ride like a nobber do not be offeneded if you are asked to leave.

You might need a new calendar Joby, looks like yours is running slow :stuck_out_tongue:

Nah, he’s getting in early for next year…

Fixed. Not sure why I thought it was March. Probably because of the weather.

:slight_smile: Now you’ll have to PM a mod to ask them to change the title;)

if weather’s good I may return for some more of those italian sweets

This is on. See you tomorrow morning if you are attending.

A10, A4, left at Boots …

Will I need a credit card for a coffee and chocolate croissant breakfast?

all depends on how many you need/want. :smiley:

I was thinking one of each …

We could make that one of each each I guess, I’ll bring the card just to be sure to be sure

Regular coffee is under £2 (I think) and comes with a complimentary crossant before 12.

It’s actually pretty good value. Plus the coffee is very good.

We can confirm, good coffee, good croisants and Joby is delicious.:slight_smile:

naturally. :laugh:

maybe i’ll come check this place out one of these days :wink:

I’ll be setting the alarm for a lay in then :wink:

Subtle :laugh:

Good morning Chelsea …

That was a tidy 2 hour lay in, a quick SS&S and I’ll be liberating the Bonne from the stable, skipping breakfast in favour of The Full Chelsea

I’m heading out now. It looks as if it’s brightening up outside.

  1. Click Play:

2: 360 Miles cafe to cafe. The storm chasers battled through changable weather conditions and something like 2000 corners. Highlights were when the sun came out. Thanks to JP and Art for attending. Great company on route. Till next time. Made in Chelsea.

Here is a link to the fancy Everytrail map.

Here is a picture of the mapsource map.

Here are some pictures of us out in the field:

Great ride thanks guys. “Will we be back in time for the football?” Joby - “oh definitely” ! Missed most of it but no great loss considering…
Top route.