Made in Chelsea Sunday 24/07/2022

Made in Chelsea goes North.

Meet at Esso Shoppenhangers Road for an 08:00 sharp departure. I ride a distinctive green and black CBR600RR with bright yellow leathers so I’m easy to spot.

Usual drill, don’t ride like an idiot, don’t film and always observe proper rideout etiquette.

Pace will be steady. I’m a bit rusty and my tires are square so no heroics.

Breakfast is in at The Old Mill in Chipping Norton at around 10 for those who wish to leave early, join for the 2nd half or just want to meet us there for breakfast.

If no one is keen I’ll go on my own.

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I’ve already got early plans for tomorrow, otherwise I’d have been up for this. You’re definitely heading into The Best county.

If it wasn’t 163 light years from my home I would :frowning:


Nice mornig for it.


The CBR is still looking gorgeous .

Well a good time was had by me. I met Ian (who some of you may know) on route to Chipping Norton and we got breakfast. As for the route it started a bit slow but the B4100 → B4031 → A361 on the lead into Chipping Norton were fantastic. On the return route the B4450 → A424 → A361 were great. Also the B4000 could have been in the south of France if we weren’t driving on the left. There were a few other great roads but I can’t remember them all. The route was a 178 mile loop. I stopped at The Lord Neilson on the return loop. It’s an ideal place to stop. There is a beer garden next to the carpark so you can keep an eye on your bike. They do food too so could be a good lunch stop.

Maybe I’ll go to Essex next week. If I leave early enough and take a long break at Epping Forrest Tea Hut it won’t feel like such a grind to get there.

Also is there scope for a Confidence Rideout? We used to hold these occasionally for 125 and 250 riders or those new to big bikes who just want to have a go and see what a rideout is like. I’d be happy to lead that some weekend if there is interest. If there’s not I’ll go on my own.


Great to see you today Joby, I haven’t seen you in ages. Great breakie up there.

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Im hoping to start doing some “new to big bike” ride outs later this year, the better half is just re-learning to ride and building confidence again.


I’d be up for some of that. My teenager has expressed an interest in joining a ride (pillion) but I know a long day would be too much for her and she certainly wouldn’t like anything with a progressive pace.