Made in Chelsea Sunday 16th of September

Made in Chelsea

This ride out is weather permitting (naturally). I’ll post on Saturday 15th of September if we are on.

Rondezvous at my Cafe “Cafe Forum” 146 Gloucester Road. SW7 4SZ

Departing at 09:30 sharp. Arrive at 08:30 for coffee and crossants (naturally). English breakfast is also available.

Full tanks please, get some VPower (naturally) beforehand at the local Shell which has Pay at the Pump.

The ride will be between 200 and 300 miles at a steady pace occasionally dropping the hammer.

We may using the corner man system depending on magnitude of the delegation. The cornerman system is explained here.

Will involve some motorway so no 125s.

No nobbers (naturally), if you ride like a nobber do not be offeneded if you are asked to leave.

Oh I wish I could :frowning: But it’s gonna have to wait until 7th Oct, which is when I’m back. But have fun and be safe! :smooooth:

ought to make the effort and get down for one of these!!:slight_smile:

Weather is looking positive so we are on. Is anyone attending or is it a solo mission? If it’s a solo mission I can be a bit more flexible with when I get out of bed (naturally).

Hi Joby,

I’ve been out with my bro today for a burn:D however I’ve managed too blag a two day pass :stuck_out_tongue:

So will see u in the morning! If u wana make it a late start PM or text me.

Sorry, gardening duties :crazy:

Gutted to miss this one Joby - got a cruiser day out tomorrow to Chislehurst Caves??!!:w00t:

Would ditch it, but have already ditched the last 3. Seriously thinking about ditching the cruiser and getting a proper bike!!

Joby take it your still on? See u at the Cafe :smiley:

I’ll head down and see who turns up.

See you there :slight_smile:

Ally Seriously thinking about ditching the cruiser and getting a proper bike!!

Ally if you ditch the cruiser and get a sports bike will you become Sporty Chic? :smiley: Catch you soon! Enjoy the cave cruise :slight_smile:

Joby which way are you heading today ?

West then North. M4 junction 5 I think.

Joby, another great ride out, cheers :smiley:

Thanks to Frank for great company. We did 298.5 miles in total. The route required a bit of improvisation as some of the roads I’d planned to use were closed. On the way back I took the wrong exit on a roundabout and decided to head for the M4 rather than U turn. 75 miles of M4 seemed a bit dull though so we took off down some more A and B roads on our way back East. The last time I was on those was on a Jets rideout on my old bike. Time flies. Till the next time, Made in Chelsea.