Mad Parrot (Adult)

A young lady walks into a pet store to buy a parrot.The shopkeeper tells her he has one but it a real smart arse with vulgar vocabulary and rude temperament.The woman says “THAT’S FINE I KNOW HOW TO HANDLE ARSEHOLES LIKE THAT ANYWAY”.She goes home and put’s the parrot in her bedroom and starts to get ready for bed just as she get’s her skirt off the parrot squawks “NICE LEGS BABY”.She take’s the bird out of the cage and put’s it in the freezer as a lesson.The parrot figures that this was wrong thing to say and make’s a mental note not to say it again.The next night the woman removes her blouse and the parrot just can’t resist any longer he blurts out "GREAT TITS HONEY.GO ON GIVE EM A SHAKE.“And again this pisses the woman off and she decides that instead of 3 mins in the freezer she’s going to keep the parrot in for 5 mins.Well the parrot has lots time to think this time and when the woman finally open’s the freezer she asks"WELL HAVE YOU LEARNED YOUR LESSON”.The shivering parrot says “YEAH BUT CAN I ASK A QUESTION ?” “FIRE AWAY,” says the woman.“WHAT THE FUCK DID THE TURKEY DO? ASK FOR A BLOW JOB?”

men. 12? or 13?