mad greeks

check out these greek nut jobs!!!

Bonza! Now that’s my sort of video! What a great playground! Still, wouldn’t fancy falling off there, I see a distinct lack of run-off Great to hear a Ducati and GSXR mix it up. I love the old K2’s in red, still a stunning bike today.


another great video

Oi! Watch who you’re calling crazy. I’m Greek! :stuck_out_tongue:

Having said that, they’re riding like numpties and none of it looks very under control. Altho they’re going very fast, the speedos are prolly in kms, not miles.

The problem with bike riders in Greece is that they’re mental, especially in cities Aaaaaaaand so I live here, it’s safer

Watched 3 of the guys videos and its not fair they have nice roads, nice weather, nice bikes that they can make slide and I noticed the duke was missing the orange flashy lights and number plate that we have on the back of our bikes

[Question] How do you slide a sportsbike?

i think there just banging it down through the gears till the back end locks up, but i could be wrong?

Think their using a combination of gears and rear brake to make it slide

I thought he was dibbling the back brake to squeal/slide it in, something I usually only do in the bedroom :wink:

Also…if Greek roads are like the Spanish ones I am riding, I think they must use more stone to tar in the mix than the UK - so they dont melt…the downside being the grip is not as good as you would think.

They don’t melt, but they do disappear in floods

Great video. Nice controlled slides…

“They don’t melt, but they do disappear in floods”

LOL, Yes, dry baked hard ground does not soak up water well - not really a problem in England

The problem is that they dont melt, or rather why, I am not Irish, so cannot explain how roads are made, but do know that some of the lovely looking dry Spanish surfaces have less grip than wet British roads…and it looks similar in Greece. I did once rent a Vespa in Samos [just dont tell anyone, right] but was 2 up and never got much chance to “explore” the grip - thankfully

The sound of that engine rolling off followed by the chirp of the back tyre is gorgeous