MacP Covered in Mud

MacP’s on a KTM off-road training school day today. He’s just sent me this picture and had to share :slight_smile:



Picked the day for it didn’t he! Nice one Pat!

Nowt like a pig in muck…:stuck_out_tongue:

That must be the mud pack part of his beauticians course :P;)

With that title I was worried it should be in Adult :smiley:

Woulda preffered him in chocolate:P:D

I have some much better pics of him from yesterday, will put them up later and Matt has video but you have to go to the JTR site to see that once its been edited.

Looks like you enjoyed yourself there fella!! :slight_smile:

I did! Just back and totally knackered to be honest - honing around for 2 days on the latest KTM off Roaders at the Ady Smith offroad school- favourite bike (and by this I mean fear inducing panic mixed with an urge to keep the revs hi and wring it’s neck…) was a 300cc 2 stroke which I used for most of today! sideways isn’t a word and I never thought falling off or going head first into a thicket of brambles would be so much fun…:slight_smile:

Absolute hoot - money well spent!!!

me incase you forgot already!!

Pat (and possibly me) looking a little dishevelled after a long weekend of riding in muddy mud!

And the team :slight_smile:

Looks like fun, i wonna go :smiley:

and hello alliamc, long time no speak :wink:

…It’s amazng where you run into an LB’er…

Nice pics Alli glad you logged on again


I’ve never done any proper offroading but it looks like you had a lot of fun there guys, fair play to you Alli, most girls I know would only have that much mud on them if it was at a health farm!!

Do they have a big jet wash for the riders as well as the bikes?!? :smiley:

Thanks, I could have done with some extra upper body strength and a few extra inches on the legs, but I managed to keep up… more or less with the guys :slight_smile: I had a great weekend anyway! Would recommend it to anyone.

And to answer your last question…

Ha ha fantastic… :smiley:

That looks like a cracking weekend you had there:w00t:

You could do with a good hoovering macp;):smiley:

That looks like soooooooo much fun! :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Chunks: I’m still picking bits of mud out of me now!

Alice: It was - I want to do it again!!!


I’ve left the bits of mud in my car as a memento of good times :slight_smile: … nothing to do with not wanting to clean the car!

Clean the car…

…sell the car…

Buy a bike!!!

You know it makes sense!!!