Machete-wielding thug jailed for 14 years for killing Ricky Hayden

Finally some justice!

here’s hoping he’ll feel the warm love of other inmates 14 times a day for the next 14 years. 

Only 14 years? Armed with an offensive weapon, committing theft of a motor vehicle, and the attacking the owner. He could have ran off when the owner came out, but he stood his ground and used the offensive weapon purposefully.

This is despicable, manslaughter should never have been the sentence. And how the other attacker got off, it beggars belief. Clear case of murder with intent.

But as you say, finally some justice with teeth…

And his Dad is supporting #BikersUnited for tomorrow’s Protest Ride and all the biker communities who are losing their bikes, lives, livelihoods and quality of life.

Time to do our part and ride tomorrow from Regent’s Park at 10.30am

"It was within a hairs breadth of the crime of murder. You caused the death of entirely innocent person." Sentencing Roome Judge Philip Katz QC
Can someone explain to me the difference between a murder and a manslaughter? To me this is a murder - he purposefully killed a man. You don't carry let alone hack and slash people with a big ass machete if you just want to look cool.

It’s down to intent. Unless you can prove beyond doubt it was premeditated intent to kill. Then it’s manslaughter.

Not true. Murder neither needs to be premeditated, nor does there need to be intent to kill. It’s down to a partial defence…

Something here about considering the state of mind, men’s rea. I didn’t know the preference was towards murder according to this statement