Macau Results

1 = Stuart Easton Hydrex Honda
2 = Connor Cummins PBM Kawasaki
3 = Ian Hutchinson PBM Kawasaki
4 = Gary Johnson Aim Racing
5 = Rico Perrzkofer Macau BMW Racing
6 = Michael Rutter Aixa Kawasaki
10th = Stephen Thompson Robinson Concrete Honda
DNF = Michael Pearson
DNF = John McGuinness

Fastest Lap Easton = 2.25.17 Lap Record
Winners Margin = 0.3 seconds

One hell of a race at the front between Easton and Cummins…Easton lead lap 13, Cummins lead penultimate lap, Easton went like the wind on last lap and just pipped Cummins. This pair where head and shoulders above the rest with Hutchinson 9 seconds behind them… Brillant race.
(willis marchal)

Ave it! well done stuart… I was searching for this on SKY to see the race, was it on?

If not do you know when it will be shown?

The full race video is on the BSN site.

Hello Pete,

Can you tell me the link, i could not find it:(

Sorry, I just went to check the URL and the video is no longer available.

\Thanks alot:) no photos from Portimao