Macau GP

This happens this weekend. To cut a long story short, qualification is complete and I have great pleasure in announcing


OK, I shall now sit down again. Rutter has put his bike on pole, and has gone 1.3 seconds under his previous lap record doing it. Should still be a good battle between him and Plater. Also John McGuiness will be up there as well.

Race is on at 07:00 on Sunday for us Brits.

Excellent :smiley:

We will be watching :cool:

Hang on, doesn’t Rutter ALWAYS win? It’s like a one-horse race :slight_smile: Still, it’s an amazing race.

He didnt last year :wink:

Quite correct - Plater won last year - Rutter has only won it six times…

Is it on Telly at all?

Agree with the Chuffmeister - good one Rutter and the green machine

Bad news is Guy Martin (top bloke - dead funny) had an off, and bust his (left, i think) wrist and arm - arse!

Suppose lucky considering the tight and no run off nature of Macau street circuit.

Coverage live on Eurosport - very early Sun Morn - 4am, I think

Cheers Eric:)I can’t see it on the LB TV Listings:doze:

Is the coverage defo bikes?

Have tuned in years previously to find the Macau car race live but no bikes!:crazy:

just checked eurosport listings on telly and its not mentioned at all, bummer :unsure:

See here, TV listing

Killer #1 (17/11/2007)

See here, TV listing[/quote]Doesn’t FIA WTCC mean World Touring Car Championship?:crazy:

ChunkyMonkey (17/11/2007)

correct :slight_smile:

Grrrrrrr cant find when it is actually on anywhere :frowning:

Well, The race has been run and ***** ****** won it but I won’t spoil it in case anyone does find it on telly.:cool:

It’s usually on Men & Motors but not for a while :frowning:

Plater won again! I went last year,well worth a visit.

and where have you been hiding mate :smiley:

Great shots :slight_smile: Would love to go some-time.

Photo mate who did some shooting for MCN posted these the other day

Rutter on the ‘green’ machine :

Plater :