Mac vs. PC



I use both OS and I prefer PC. :slight_smile:

howverydare you :smiley:

Mac foreveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer :smiley:

Exactamondo. And apparently not everyone is bright enough to ‘drive’ a Mac that’s why they settle for a PC that ‘crashes’/ ‘breaks down’ all the time :wink:

Macs forever-ever! Ever-ever!!

And ever. :cool:


MAC’s RULE>>> .:smiley:

Never used a mac but I know they aint easy to repair when thrown out of a 3rd floor window.

but in fairness as I’m trained in the art of microsoft they keep me employed and pay my bills so…

LONG live die the PC

I’ve lost count of the people who choose pc/windows because they are too scared to change!!

I would never go back, my mac has not crashed, got a virus, or slowed down for no apparent reason.


My PC never slows down for no apparent reason, but then I am a techie and I keep the guts of my machine in good working order :wink: Just because the reason isn’t apparent to you it doesn’t mean it’s not apparent to somebody who knows their stuff.

It’s a bit like my bike going wiggle! wiggle! wiggle! I’ll just go “lol wtf” and a skilled mechanic will go “aww mate, cam chain tensioner”.

It’s all about teh skillz :wink:

As itsthemechanic says - if you know how to run a pc it’s easy to keep them whizzing along - you get occassional hiccups but so long as you know how to fix them you have access to so much more stuff (software etc) than Mac.A lot of people who work in graphic design and print like Mac for historical reasons - e.g. early graphics software was solely Mac based and they learn’t their stuff on a Macintosh and are attached to it for sentimental reasons. ;)Mac is like the Saab of computing - cool image and different, and hinting at aesthetic sensibility etc - the kind of car architects drive - PC is like the BMW of computing - faster, more common, and more dynamic! :wink:

Yeah but PCs are so fugging ugly and their operating systems are always full of bugs, requiring constant upgrades blah blah blah.

If we were relating computers to bikes, PCs would be perhaps a B-King. Ugly as **** but have the potential to be something better while a Mac would look something like the new R1.

That would mean in many eyes that the Mac would also be as ugly as f*** :smiley:

Mate where are you based now?..Need to have a chat about some artwork…Could do so over that curry that you’re after :smiley:

This is funny:

Whats up E, Errm, I’m mainly based in Farringdon, but occasionally at Westminster. Let me know when you want to meet up and we can sort something out. :smiley:

Fcking spot on - I’m an editor too and I use both PC and Mac OS - and in my opinion Mac looks and operates like it was designed by Fisher Price - it basically fcking sucks! ;):smiley:

I have a Hackintosh, it boots Leopard, XP, Vista and Linux.
Gives you unlimited hardware options like a PC and rock solid stability like a Mac + infinite customisation via Linux.

where’s the geek icon??



Any Amstrad users here? :smiley:

had a CPC464 once upon a time :Whistling::smiley:

That sounds brilliant Nate! ;):smiley: