M6 Toll Road

just been up north and used the M6 toll road, £2.50 for bikes at peak times (£4.50 forcars) which is a rip off but what a road, wide, open , well made, quiet, no speed cameras.

unfortunaltey this time i was in the car, sorry i know i let the side down sometimes …sorry again

but i have so got to ride that way and have a blast.

anyone had a good blast up it yet???

This road is £4.50 very very well spent indeed :D:D

Have yet to spend just £2.50 for it…

I have gone down there quite quick in the car. Police do still patrol the area and wait around for people - be warned!

Used it quite a few times, once you’ve finished fumbling to pay at the toll booth its a great blast. So the secrets out.

I did hear that the cops had to pay it more attention since it opened, think the phrase race track was used.

I’ve used it a couple of times by accident :blush: in the car. … Well it is easy to be in the wrong lane, there’s so many different turn off’s and I am female after all :smiley: Great bit of road but it is policed so becareful :wink:

Def policed… they LOVE to sit on the Service overpass right before the toll booths :crazy:

LOVE the M6 toll road (used it on its first day of opening), always a quiet and smooth run, and have forgotten just how many times Ive used it now, but I visit my friends in Manchester so often that they are going to start charging me Council Tax lol.

Its well worth the cost, as you can really get a move on, but yes, have spotted the odd cop car, so be warned, although I tend to spot more Police further up the M6 than on the M6 toll road.