M3, Black BMW, unmarked.

Motorway: M3

Unmarked: BMW 5 series Dark navy/Black

You have been warned. :slight_smile:

Yer he pulled me the other month because I failed to slow down enough for the 50mph coming north at the Sunbury flyover.

Nice bloke. He gave me a ticking off and then proceeded to natter about his bike and how much he loves it.

Let me go with a waggled finger. Iโ€™ve been pretty aware of that 50mph board since then so I guess the soft touch worked.

He has an extended blind spot mirror mounted above the drivers side wing mirror.

Also known to operate on the A3.

I been pulled by a navy blue umnmarked 5 series in catford also seen another in elephant an castle seems like they have a few of thses floating about .