M25: Junc 3 - 1 Speed Cameras

Nearly fully installed.

On every lane and gantry are rear facing cameras. The camera signs are blurred out at the moment but they have started line painting. Most have the lines and camera hidden behind the motorway info sing above the lanes.

Its quite comical to see alot of peole driving over 70 right up to the lines, spotting them and then slamming on the brakes. dangerous but comical. lift your vision!

They are not average speed cameras but Im not sure exactly what they are and when they are triggered. Anyone got an idea??

my guess is gonna be variable speed cameras, put there not as revenue raising but to try and keep the traffic flow moving when heavy :slight_smile:

Cameras cost money to put in place and maintain, so does the road markings…

…there has to be some form of income from them to pay for themselves etc. Most probably variable cameras and only operate when displaying a certain speed like you said above?

I do really have very little knowledge of this type of camera. The ones along the M20 near maidstone are the same type. I have been through them at varied speeds and never had anything through…just luck?

they are only active when a reduced speed sign is illuminated. Not sure about when the national speed sign is illuminated.

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We have been meaning to post if for a few days but were still unclear about what the cameras actually aim for and target…

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those cams are nr enuff all round the M25. makes what already boreing at the best of times to a complete nightmare, i done from the m40 junction to dartford and these cams where all along there, i only went on there to get home quick but in future the m 25 will not exsist on any of my routes in any way

Why second Lewis? :w00t:

Aren’t they the ones that are only live when the lower speed limits are shown, or is that another urban myth (my experience would say it isn’t :wink: )

Alex Gold (23/10/2010)

Aren’t they the ones that are only live when the lower speed limits are shown, or is that another urban myth (my experience would say it isn’t :wink: )[/quot

its a camera very untrustworthy just like barclays or yr local mp or yr realy friendly neighbour

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