M25 - A41 Warning Speed Camera Van

Hes sitting just past the bridge, naughty spot lucky i was only going about 75 and he was forward facing.

There alot of police in that area so take it easy.

They were there yesterday, hopefully just an ANPR op and not speed testing :pinch:

They have been there all week, but the van camera was a new edition. I thought they where going for people with no insurance etc so didn’t post about it. But now they have rolled out the money printer!!!:smiley:

Hmmmm, me and Sean went from Watford to Hemel on the A41 earlier, where are they sitting, to catch people of the M25?

Saw you yesterday Rusty, being very well behaved on the M25, we were stuck in the good old M25 traffic in the car on the way to Worthing near junction 12.

They where getting people on the A41 as the joined from the M25, just under the bridge.

Well it’s only 13 days to go now before you find out. How low can you bite yer fingernails in that time?:ermm:

aw tits!

Shame I was not so well behaved on the exit slip…lovely bit of sweeping right hand bend of positive camber and a bit of exhaust noise
as you go under the bridge. Then bam a popo van

Well behaved rusty didn’t get in trouble did he??

I don’t think they were there when we went through, we got held at the lights anyway so would have been well behaved but good heads up for the future as I use the A41 from M25 a lot !