M1 southbound (possibly looking at north too)

there’s a white van parked up just south of Junction 5 (with cameras, possibly ANPR) pointing at the front of southbound traffic (possibly picking up the rear of northbound).
also saw a few marked police bmw cars (one had stopped a car going northbound).

That’ll be the Watford/A41 junction, so that is Herts Police and not the Met.

What difference does that matter
There still bloody there

Perhaps the Met are more bike friendly than most county police forces? May be because the Met traffic officers would tug you for speeding but would probably not give a toss about a noisy can or small number plate, where as a lot of county traffic cops will get out a ruler, and write up another ticket?

Does that satisfy you? Or perhaps I should justify my existence as well?

And if they’re ANPR pulling untaxed and uninsured (and therefore more often also un-MOT’d and unlicensed), more power to their elbows.

Could well be this crowd, seen them about quite often at the boundary with the Met area.