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Confirming his entry, Pearson said that he was looking forward to the event with much excitment.
The Horice Road Races which have been running for several years now is gaining more and more attention from British and Irish riders, with the 2010 meeting on track to beat all previous records in rider entries.
Pavel Koci, from the organising Club in the Czech Republic attended the Cookstown 100 and Tandragee 100 Road Races in 2009, with Koci instrumental in gaining the attention of the Irish contingent that will make the trip in four months time.
One of the main organisers of the Irish riders is regular Irish Supertwin competitor Darren Gilpin.
Darren Gilpin: The Motorcycle Club at Horice are very passionate about road racing and Irish Road Racing, so as the word spread, Pavel was searching to attract riders from Ireland and the response has been amazing. Due to the number of Irish competitors traveling to Horice, it was soon established that sending machines and equipment in trucks due to the logistics in traveling to the Czech Republic would be cheaper. I was quite impressed with the structure and size of the meeting, and that many top European road racers have been taking part in recent years, such as Rico Penzkopher and Henrick Voit to name a few. Along with the riders, many race fans are also traveling to Horice from Ireland this year, with some Press people from Ireland also going along to see just what makes the Horice races tick".
Michael Pearson: “We are all set and booked on with flights etc, so its all systems go. There will be seven members of our team travelling to Horice, so its going to feel just ike any other race back home, and its one meeting that I am looking forward to”.
Willis Marshall: (Team Manager) “It has taken a few months to get here, but here we are, with just the date of departure now next on our list. Pavel Koci from the Czech Republic has been tremendous help and has arranged our accomodation etc for the trip which has taken a huge burden off our shoulders, so we want to put on a good show and repay the lads in Horice”.
Confirmed entries in Horice 2010.
Michael Pearson: Ballygowan: 2007 Irish Superbike Champion - 600 & Superbike Kawasaki’s
Darren Gilpin: Newtownabbey: 3rd Ulster Road Race Championships in 2009 - Supertwins
Tim Stephenson: England: Riding John Bells 350cc Classic machine.
Wayne Hamilton: Lisburn: 250cc and 600cc classes.
Des Butler: Dublin: 2nd Irish RR Championships in 2009 Supertwins
Andrew Courtney: Celbridge: Superbike and 600cc Class’s
Dave Walsh: Aghadowey: Supertwins Class
Corran Smith: Ballymena: Superbike Class
Alan Brown: Greyabbey: 3rd Irish Short Circuit Championships 2008. Rode in the British Thundersport Championships 2009, Supertwins.
William Davison: Kilrea: Top support class rider in 2009. Superbike Class.