M Pearson {supersport results}

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Pearson, who is still recovering from a hand injury sustained at the same circuit two weeks ago, was simply unstoppable as he set the fastest lap of the race on his ninth and final circuit of the 1.8mile circuit, to take the victory by 0.7 seconds from Jonny Buckley (Module R&R Yamaha) and Australian, Cameron Donald (Relentless Suzuki).
Pearsons epic win, looked like being short lived, as he was give a 10 second penalty by the race organisers for arriving to late in the holding area before the race. Pearsons Team, lodged a protest against the penalty to the race stewards, which was upheld, and Pearson rightfuly given the victory.
Earlier in the day, Pearson got his 600 Carryduff Forklifts Kawasaki into the top eight of the Sail to Pole, and will start the three Irish Superbike races, and the Enkalon Trophy race on Saturday, on the second row of the grid.
<IMG title=michaelpearson2010opener.jpg height=143 alt=michaelpearson2010opener.jpg src=“http://www.paddockgossip.com/content/view/1075/170/images/stories/michaelpearson2010opener.jpg” width=226 onload=resizeThis(this)>Michael Pearson: “Its been an ok day. The win on the 600 was really good, as I felt I rode really hard, and I had to fight hard to keep Jonny Buckley at bay, who’s Yamaha was really flying. He was out braking me all the time, and I knew that it was going to be close between him and I. I was aware that Cameron Donald was not far behind us, but to be honest, it was Buckley who gave me the biggest test of them all. I stuck in the fastest lap on the final circuit and in the end I had almost half a second to spare over Jonny and Cameron. To be told after the race that I had been docked 10 seconds for some stupid reason in the holding area was really the biscuit. It almost ruined a great race, but in the end, common sense prevailed. I am also pleased to have got the 600 into the top eight of the Superbike classes, which was working out in my favour on the smaller bike in the wet conditions, so I guess I was taking my advantages where and when I could. Hopefully it will be wet on Saturday, as I think I could suprise a few on the Carryduff Kawasaki”.
Willis Marshall: (Team Manager) “A very exciting start to the new season you could say. Yes, it was a very worth while day for Michael and the team, which at times where very difficult. Michael again showed that he can really mix it with the best in any class, and the Carryduff Forklifts Kawasaki Supersport bike is really flying. Eighth place in the Sail to Pole for the Superbikes for me, was the ride of the day, as Michael was really pushing the big bikes on his 600. Of course, we all wish for it to be dry on Saturday, but with Michael riding the 600 in the Superbike classes, a wet race would be to his advantage. The little problem with the 10 second penalty is not worth going into detail on, lets just say that a rule was worded incorrectly”.
1 = Michael Pearson Carryduff Forklifts Kawasaki 25pts
2 = Jonny Buckley Module Road & Race Yamaha 20pts
3 = Cameron Donald Relentless Suzuki 16pts
4 = Glenn Irwin Honda 13pts
5 = Kirk Jamison Mar-Train Yamaha 11pts
6 = Robert Lanigan DLM Yamaha 10pts
Michael Pearsons Irish Supersport 600 Championship Race win at Bishopscourt on Good Friday was the first that Kawasaki has won an Irish Supersport 600 Short Circuit Championship Race, since Alastair Seeley won at the Belfast and District Round, in September 2007.