Lyden Hill

Lyden Hill circuit keeps popping up as a fairly local track day option has anybody had any experience of the place ? worth a visit ?.

Thank you

Not a bad little track. My favourite Supermoto race track (with the dirt in of course.)You need to show it a bit of respect as run off is a bit limited. The surface has seen better days, I’ve been told they have given the paddock a bit of a spruce up this year.

Thanks for that Pete ive just seen a video of some racing there and see what you mean about the run off it does look tight .Is electric on hand ?


I’ve been told that one of the changes is the addition of lecky points through-out the paddock. I can’t confirm this though.

cheers Pete is their still plenty of grip to be had from the surface and is it bumpy ?

Thank you

Someone on the superduke forum confirmed that lecky was now available.

He also mentioned a few bumps in braking areas, I can’t remember that, but I’ce not been there since 06 season.

I seem to remember grip was variable. I think they run rally cross there, and us supermoto riders also drag crap onto the track, so it may depend on who’s been using the circuit.

I’ve just remembered last time I raced there, they watered the dirt section before race 1! This damped down the dust that in practice had meant you couldn’t see more than 15 yards ahead on the main dirt section - it also ensured that the concrete section that took us back onto the main track was covered in wet mud. I’ve never had a bike so sideways in my life! Even when I’d got upright I had to sit right back to stop wheelspin - through 3rd gear!

Thanks for your help on this Pete i have booked up it sounds like it could be a right adventure :slight_smile: i will let you know how it went.


When is it? Is it one of their own days?

One of their own mate me mate Dave has also booked his first for a while as he broke his collar bone and a couple of ribs last time out at Brands.

I may pop down and have a look. My bike will be on it’s way back from Spain.

Cool what track you at in Spain ? i looked at booking a trackday in Spain but the wife wouldn’t budge she thinks the 13 i have done this year is more then enough,i even tried to soften her up with a trip to Cuba but no joy :smiley:

Jerez at the start of October.

I think I’ll do Cartagena in December as well.

I’m lucky my gurl bought me the April Jerez bash for xmas last year, she then bought me supercorsas for my birthday. I’m in luuuuurve! :slight_smile:

I would say you have a good one their mate :slight_smile: i will show mine your post to show her how unreasonable she has been :smiley:

i tried it didnt cut any ice :D,have a good trip pete