Lydden Hill

Just a quick update as I am really rammed at work.

Quick thanks to B first for turning up and supporting on Saturday. Also for turning up Sunday with someone else from here who I for the life of me can not remember. I also had a load of Boxhiller’s down yesterday as well.

Disaster struck Saturday morning, warm up was in the wet and I was not exactly trying but turns out I got sixth fastest time. Well I got seriously distracted in race prep time and I didn’t hear the call for my race. i only went and missed it - grrrrrrrrr. I was so p%&*ed off you wouldn’t believe.

Second race, I now had to start from last. Thats 30th at Lydden Hill. Got a flyer, carved my way through the field and got 14th. Not happy but it was a couple of championship points and meant that I started 14th for first race Sunday. I suffered a major problem in this race, it was called not a lot of front brake which is a major must at Lydden. Fortunately, Gary from SDC agreed to fix it for me Saturday night. I slept well knowing that I now had a front brake for Sundays races.

First race Sunday, flying start, front wheel hovering just above the ground in first and second, couldn’t have asked for a better start really. Managed to work my way through the field a little and came home 8th. I couldn’t believe the result.

2nd race Sunday, didn’t think I had a bad start but went very backwards. Picked my way through the field like a demon. Finished 5th and bearing down on the two in front, was running a faster lap time than both of them.

So I have come away very happy. I got two trophies for being leading rookie yesterday in both the races. I think I did myself proud and am grateful for all the support that I receive from people.

I will dedicate one of my trophies to the memory of Ali who had been very supportive of my efforts. I will miss his PM’s badly. Just thinking of his unfortunate end brings tears to my eyes so I hope that where he is now, he is looking down and can see that I did him proud.

Nice one mate.

Look at you with your bag of trophies!!

You may have started the weekend badly but finished on a real high note with a 5th. There was quite a few of us cheering you on. The good thing is that you know your near on the pace now. Another few laps youd have been on the rostrum. Is the secret of your success in your cooking? I couldnt help notice all the good food you had there. The chicken curry sounded nice. But where did that huge selection of biscuits come from? Not complaining, they went down really well with the tea. Thanks for the hospitality
chuffster and Justine aka firestorminadcup. Nice little set up you had there, and well organised too, well we wont mention the first race.
I bet you can`t wait for the next round after those good confidence building rides.
Well done on the trophies and nice gesture for our departed biking brother.

The brothers i was helping in the rookie 600 series had a good and safe weekend too. Alan oDonnell had been finishing low down the field in the previous round but improved hugely with a top ten finish. His brother Chris got a handful of 4ths and 5ths and has slipped to 3rd in the championship. The races where full of incidents but i was pleased with his consistency. Hes looking to sell his 5yr old cbr 600 and get a newer model to be more competitive. Anyone want a good little CBR600? I think it will be going for less than £2500.

See you at the next round…

Nice to see you out there giving it large again mate hopefully there will be some useable video footage from yesterday… complete with screams of encouragement from your fan club assembled on Hairy Hill

Keep up the good work chap!

Whey-hey, nice one Chuffster! Ah man, I bet missing your first race must have been a killer, I can imagine that’d be the sort of thing I would do. So glad it’s going well, very surprised you’re getting these results in your first few races (not a reflection on your riding, I didn’t know it before mate!), so hopefully this bears good for the season ahead. Would like to have spectated, but am just too busy like yourself.

Thanks for the write-up!

B, sounds like you’re preparing for team-manager status to me, Makoto Tanaka better watch out!

He was more than unhappy starting off so badly on Saturday but what a contrast after the last race on Sunday. He was buzzing round the paddock with his trophies and a huge smile.

Team manager?
So long as the oDonnells want me there and i can make the events then ill help out as much as i can. Team B. hmmmm.
Those club meets are good fun and im still bumping into people ive not seen for many years.

nice one chuffster you looked good out there on was also nice to see you so organised in the paddock.looked very professional.nice to meet justine aswell.hope to see you at some more race meets soon.nice cpl of trophies.well done mate

Hey Rich sounds like you had a good run, I will pull my finger out soon and come to a race with an air horn