lydden hill

after doing this track on 18th april, i have been waiting for the next one:cool: £120 for 8sessions:cool:



I’ll make a note of the date. I’m going to have to take my bike out of use at sometime though to sort some problems. It’s touch and go if I can make weds at Brands at the moment. :frowning:

your right about that track pete:) fippin wicked layout:cool:

I rode there a bit in the 90’s on 250 strokers, and I’ve been a few times when I had the 660SMC - perfect for those bikes - and a lot of fun.

Racing SM there was good too - I used to start foot out, then as soon as I got into it I’d revert back to form, knee out everywhere on the tar!

TBH and without sounding like too much of a wuss, I expect I’ll find it a bit intimadating at first on the SD, it really is a place where a small error can land you in a lot of trouble.

I’m sure it used to be a lot cheaper!

does seem a lot for the day but that size track is not too big for a moto and still good for sport bikes. think it £100 for off season trackdays

I don’t ride on the road anymore, seeing as it’s the closest track bar Brands, it doesn’t really work out that bad TBH. I’d spend more than £30 getting to Snetterton and back.

what i liked there was how relaxed it was compared to brands:)

Think I’ll book up next week after payday!

Havent been out on the moto on track since Cadwell!! :w00t:

Might bring the GSXR along too…

you can book now but they will not take payment till 2weeks before the day:) inters this time for us:D

Do you all book in the same group fella?

yes me and the othere moto’s are all going inters this time:) you booing up pete

I shall wait 'till I get back from Jerez next week. I also have a meeting coming up to decide if I’m moving to Dubai for a while.

Oh yeah?

Well I’ll look into in now then!! :cool:


Ive just realised this is a saturday!! I am hopefully getting the insurance on Tigger sorted for next week, so will have a see how I am with her. But as you said, Darren, can always bring the SV :slight_smile: Thanks for your update to That List btw :smiley: x

I wish I had a proper old school motard for this.

Anyone know where I can borrow a 'Berg or a CRF?

im going to try make this one :slight_smile:

if you come down you can have a raz on my 450sx pete errr on a bend mend basis :smiley:

think you can take 2 bikes like brands:)

I might be up for this Mad dog! Is the track good for plastic fantastics, sorry sport bikes?

yes mate its not a moto track:) here is a clip but not to worry its not a slow track. the clip is of a sv650 rider:D

i like the look of this track looks perfect for the r6 , will try to talk the sponsor;) into letting me go:D