Lydden Hill Trackday 8th May

Well, i’ve booked myself and one of my brothers into the inter’s, anyone else going?1st trackday of the year with more to follow, managed to get a evening td at brands indy in first in prep for Lydden :smiley:

I certainly intend to be there, I have to try I’m ensure I’m in the UK first though.

I need to get the forks of my bike and have them stripped / rebiult too, must sort some time for that.

I guess they will continue with their 4 group format?

It’s the only place I don’t object to a extra group as it’s such a knackering track when you get your head down.

I’ll book fast.

Such a show off aren’t we :Whistling:

Not done a trackday since Lydden in August last year otherwise we would have stepped up to the big boys group (Fast).

If we get back into the grove quickly and theres the space, we’ll ask to step up.

Don’t hate on me just 'cos I’ve got skillz*

Lydden’s a funny old place, I went there a few times last year, once I was really cautious of the place and was mid group, nothing special. Another time I was really up for it and was on fire, lapping a lot of people.

*This post sponsored by my 13 year old niece.

i’ll be booking up for this :slight_smile: inters for me & a few other moto’s

Good stuff, it’s so much fun a motard - makes me want one again when I see you lot having all that fun.

need to get used to the 525 as not been on track with it yet:)

Hope your man enough for that beast and I hope you’ve got an open pipe :smiley:

open twin pipes:D



might be up for this one if I get my new “toy” by then and it’s run in :smiley:

“God” I hate a show off!!! :wink:

Don’t worry, we will run it in for you :slight_smile:

What you getting?

cough, wheelbarrow, cough :D;)

Looks nice tho - clean! (and I bet it’s easy to start :frowning:

I think I’ll take that pleasure myself. :smiley:

Not 100% sure yet. It may be orange or it may be black, all will be clear next week :cool:
It’ll be very different to my current bike though :hehe:

but not japanese or an i4 ? And it’s got to be black either way!

It won’t be Japanese, and it won’t have 4 cylinders.
I like black a bit better, but not 2000 pounds better (some good deals on 2009 bikes going). :cool:
Besides, some bikes, just have to be in Orange :hehe:

Orange it is :smiley:

Doubt the bike will be run in though, and even if it is, I’m sure I won’t be :wink:

i’m booking this tomorrow:)

I might do this if there are any spaces left - and I can get a lift. Erm, how’re you getting there Daz? :slight_smile: