Lydden Hill Track day

Just booked for me and my brother at Lydden Hill on the 24th July :smiley: Booked inter’s as the last time i was there, it was meant to be a blow out of the cobwebs for a move up to the Fast Group but I didn’t get that far as I highsided in the first session and f**ked the bike up :doze:

Anyone else going to be there?

if the 525 is fixed and run in then yes:D

I was all booked and payed up for the last one but woke up and couldn’t and decided a lay in was looking better than a another frustating day with my misfire issue.

Hope to make this one if I’m around and the bike is better. I’m still in China at the mo though.

Hope to see you both there. After my highside at lydden the last time i was there, the CBR600RR is looking like this now;

It’s only a chinese fairing kit which i got second hand off fleabay.

That looks great fella!

No point in spending lots of dosh on race bodywork, if you can get a cheap set that looks that good you’re a winner!

Thanks Pete, but I wish I was switched on enough to have bought some cheap fairing kit first and put the oem kit in the loft for safe keeping :doze:

I’ve paid today - still places left, nice day out in the Kent countryside.

oosaberg country!

Look forward to seeing you there Pete, mines white with 1 :smiley:

It was great to meet Ducati Pete at Lydden on Sat, we had great weather and not too many crashes throughout the day :slight_smile:

Here’s a few pictures taken not by me but blondybeer who’s from another forum, enjoy Pete;