Lydden Hill track day 25/03/2017

Hi all,

A few of us are going to Lydden hill to test out the track on Saturday, It might be a nice ride for some. Weather is looking good!



Good circuit for the supermoto riders.

Perfect track for a 450smr. Watched a few southern Supermoto racers killing sportbikes on track there :sunglasses:
Really good track

Brilliant track for small bikes & motards. I did it quite a few times 15-20 years ago, never got above 3rd gear on my ZX-6R. First time I went there was the most carnage I’ve ever seen on a TD, 15-20 bikes went down during the day, most because they didn’t realise that the big sweeping bend is actually a double apex.

I believe one of the F1 teams McLaren? bought it at one stage, why? I’ve no idea it’s way too small to do any F1 testing on.

Humm… I’m taking 1290 sdr on there😎

Ernie on the Track today


Have fun then. Looks a good day for it :+1: