Lydden hill - Saturday 21 July

anybody else going?

cant make this one, was it in August last year we went? - cant believe it

Wish i could make can do :frowning: next one 100%

I think it was september, but yes, time flies!
What bike are you riding now? You got rid of the superduke didn’t you?

Couldn’t decide what to replace it with, had no serious offers for it - cheapest one for the year advertised - so I have still got it , which is good :smiley:

good man :slight_smile:

£99, saturday trackday, looking like a warm dry day, nobody?
last time ibjust rocked up and paid on the day

think the drz would be any good with nobblies ?? i managed to take two sports bikes around the outside of a roundabout last sunday if that helps :laugh:

…i dont think it was a race but the looks on their faces was priceless :blush:

I’m sure you’d embares a few sportsbikes on the drz :wink:
i’m taking the 520 exc, on road tyres though

How did the day go?
Hope jerry got sorted with tyre, only remembered your text once was at nottingham

I was at this track day, was riding a white GSXR 600 K6 :slight_smile:

It was a really good day! Track was a bit damp when we go there, but the sun dried out the track quick enough. I got into Inters, which was nice as I could try to follow some and learn a bit (and overtake some others :D).
Jerry didn’t make it unfortunatly, his tyres were supposed to arrive in the morning, so he was planning to get there by lunchtime, but they didn’t arrive. If it was me I’d have gone with any rubber FWR had, but he’s a bit more picky.
The EXC ran really well.
A nice chap called Martin on a tidy SMR (540 I think) says hello btw, and said to tell you to get your lazy ass up and get on the bike :wink:

The funniest thing of the day was a kid on a 660smc (reminded me of your old bike as it had all the HM racing/Bracken stickers) in the fast group was the fastest rider of the day by a mile. Lapping everybody else, but brought and older man to start bike for him. I got to chat to the man, turns out the kid races in moto 2. He used to race MX, then this man signed him up to the 660 bracken cup and the kid ended up 2nd in the championship, then moved to moto2. Very talented, every bend it looked like he was going to bin it, but never did. Awesome stuff to watch.

Cool. Which group? I was in inters on the black/orange supermoto.

Oh were you on the 690 SMC? I saw one of those going round the track, I went to the Novice group because it was my first time at this track. Would be cool to meet some of the LBers at the track. Should be going Rockingham on 27th :slight_smile:

No, I was on a 520EXC. I didn’t see a 690SMC on track. In my group the only other SM I think was a Honda CRF, in the fast group there was the insanely fast chap on the 660SMC, and another guy on a 540SMR. I think that was about it for the supermotos?

Were you parked near the spectator seats in the corner?

I think so.


Not me :wink:

Hard to tell you 2 apart :smiley: