Lydden Hill next week

I’m looking at doing Lydden Hill next week.
Anybody up for it?
JerryXT should be there as well with the berg hopefully. I’m taking the EXC520.

For those who have been. Can you just turn up and pay on the day? Posting in the form seems a bit a faf and it’s a bit late for that now.

we just call up and pay over phone:cool: what day is it?

Cool. Will try to give them a call tomorrow.

It’s Saturday the 6th.
You coming? Sounds like a good deadline to get the bike ready! :slight_smile:

I’m going to this one for a pootle round, see you there. 56 reg superduke

might pop down to have a ganders,probs wont be on the track tho.

Good to meet you Dries and Jerry XT

Very enjoyable, did the rain die out again?. I got up the road and the sun came out :crazy:

And it was great to see Bob Collins (FWR) appear on his road bike, with no van, no tyre warmers and give the fast group a total thrashing.

Very impressive and showed us how its done :Wow:

Likewise, good to meet you!

Very good day indeed. I had a great time.
Yes, we didn’t have a wet session, the sun came out again and the track never really got wet. The last couple of sessions we did (didn’t stay till the very end either) were great. A lot of people had gone home by then, so the track was less busy and I had a good scrap with some sports bikes :slight_smile:
Everybody was very well behaved and most friendly, I thought, apart from the chaps that had a punchup after pushing eachother off track (allegedly, I didn’t see the incident, just aftermath).

No incidents for us, apart from running out of fuel in the last session :blush:

Edit: How do I fix the quote stuff? The markup looks ok?

Dries, looks like you had fun too!

Dries, looks like you had fun too!

The chap who came round with the paper prints must have been someone other that . I’ve been looking but cant find any more

I think the guy who came around with the prints wasn’t an official photographer.

Hello guys

Im the other guy with the superduke at lydden that day! dont post here much but just saw this thread thought id say hello


Hello Matt

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< This is me in the novices on that day , welcome :slight_smile:

Cool i thought it was you when i saw the post, ive been a member here for ages just dont post very much…

Me and my mate had such a good time weve decided to virtually ditch road riding so the dukes up for sale and im getting a cheap track bike and something to commute on as well…

were heading upto snetterton next thursday for another novice day so all good