lydden hill 7th may

i’m planning to go + few other moto’s, anyone interested £99:cool:

Very tempted.
Are those days usually sold out in advance?

Not usually mate there always spaces :slight_smile: come along and bring both bikes

I’m doing Rockingham two weeks later but will try to do lydden too :slight_smile:

Think about Rockingham, never done that one but heard you not going over 100 mph so sound perfect for supermoto.

Definitely interested…

few questions:

  1. Good for a virgin track-dayer?

  2. Sure the’yre not gonna look at my 33bhp restriction? :confused:


i really dont see a problem with restricted bike. in novices you’ll be fine mate, call them up and ask if you unsure but you’ll be fine. the track is not very hard to get used to so good to beginers;)

i love this track because its a good place for supermoto’s and sport bikes to mix it up a bit :cool:

You tell them what bike you are on but otherwise they don’t seem interested in the bike , they certainly don’t check them out and a wristband replaces the bike sticker . Keep it simple and tell them as little as poss . Am tempted to do this trackday …

Rumour has it that i MIGHT have a new bike for this!!! :smiley:

2 if’s:

  1. if I can get my bike repaired I try to come on this (space in MD’s van permitting).
  2. if hp minimums are an issue, my bike dont make 40hp either!:smiley:

I can’t make it as I’ll be at Jerez with Tracksense.

I did the date there at the start of April, it wasn’t that busy and they ran 3 groups as opposed to the usual 4. The weather was great too!

Have fun, be nice to superbikes.

MD, I dont know if your bikes running but mine aint looking too certain to be ready?:frowning:

m8 i’m not going now anyway cos ms md booked us a holiday not long after this. but will be booking the next trackday there:)

I’ll miss this one too, but I put the June date in the diary :slight_smile: