Lydden Hill 30/07/20

Just booked this, looks to be only date this year they are running it, anyone fancy coming along?

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Ooooh I’m going to be there then

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The DRZ got first go

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Bros got a go!




Booked to come back on the 13th August too, this track is great, there basically no straights

But yesterday you said there weren’t any corners

I said there weren’t many last hand corners, as there’s only really one

Sometimes you make sense. Currently, you don’t

If there are no straights then there are no corners. It is one continuous curve.

Didn’t get any photos of a knee down though


Looking good, mate!

Pics or it didn’t happen.

There’s no pics, so…

its ok, ive confirmed my place on the 13th August to try again for photos

Got Photos of my knee on the floor this time!
Even on the DRZ with the top box!


Hahaha, love it!
What the hell kind of tyres are those on the DRZ? They look like some kind of flat-track tyre!

Heidenau k73.

Supermoto wet weather tyres

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