Lusty hedonist on ebay.....

Need anything for your Guzzi ? Be quick, the spoilsports on ebay are bound to remove this ASAP

LOL. It might start a trend in “sellers’ wives”

Some nice kit for sale, I think, was a bit distracted from looking at it though

Sorry what was for sale again?

They ‘pattern’ bits mate!

I thought I was bidding on a nice pair of t*ts, but apparently not…

OH, might put a bid in on a pair of them

Nice flashers.

I think that you will find if you look real hard thats it a photo shop job. First item, the arm holding the product does not go with the body at all. Same as the rover badges, I am sure you can discern where its been put together.

Full marks to him though, great job.

Best ebay motorcycle parts list I’ve seen for awhile

honestly you blokes, a pair of baps staring at you in the face and you don’t know what to do with yourselves.

Now, if it was a naked bloke demonstrating his wares, that would be a different kettle of fish altogether

Aye, but then it’d be the ladeez who’d be coming over all unnecessary oui?

We’re just less subtle about it. Actually, less subtle full stop.

I totally agree with you! LOL

I’ll buy that for a dollor!!!

does it come in black, its just red is very common

Yeah, especially if he was holding things up without using his hands…

Without hands,that would be interesting!! LOL

Nice sales approach - what was she selling?

Photoshop?..who cares!