Lurkers .....

… there’s a few of you lurkers … come out come out wherever you are !

What’re you on about woman?? You bin at the Tippex thinner again?

thems that read but dont post

like me


We have many lurkers, a hundred times more than we have members. Not everyone’s into forums, but likes to read the magazine, and read the forums to see what’s going on, i.e. ride-outs, trips, trackdays, etc.

Welcome aboard Hi?. Interesting username Is that a Honda Zoomer in your avatar?

hmm, always tempted by one of those, they look daft

but no, is elmo:

me triple

Quite a different, oops Nice ride!

Loving the bike Hi?

… actually, I was trying to flush out a friend of ours who I knows been lurking …

See you soon Hayden