I am in the market for some new luggage…Tank Bag and Backpack…

some of you have given me the heads up on where to go for a good deal but putting it down to all the graft Ive put in on the BCW and the France trip…

plus having the memory span or a demented goldfish…Ive forgotten all !!!

Someone point me in the right direction please.

Ta !!

i just bought some this morning actually -

altho the trouble with Bella is the underseat pipe so limited in what i can get

however, infinity is doing a deal on their first time luggage here’s the link

good luck !!!

On the phone to the credit card serial killer babyj as I type …Thank you.

i take no responsibility for what happens to your credit card while in the presence of BabyJ…

None whatsoever


That guy dont mess about…all sorted and I think hes a little under par today…he only caught me for £65 quid !!..yeeeeehar…

thinking about it though…

I got to go down there and get it yet !!!

might be worth going for the hump back oxford range…but either way any oxford product will do u proud…they are really good when it comes to luggage imho