Luggage to Fit on An '04 R1

I’ve finally located a company that do tail packs to fit on the back of my 2004 R1 (thanks Ang :slight_smile: ) As it has underseat exhausts that get really hot cargo nets and straps to anything under the seat are out of the question.

Only problem is they are out of stock and wont have any for at least 3 weeks. I am going on the Wales trip a week Friday (3rd October) and need some luggage for that, can anybody help or I’ll have to resort to the dreaded rucksack :w00t:

Bit much but you could borrow my carbon fibre cans which don’t get hot (just mildly warm), and allow the strapping of soft luggage.

Used my trusty Oxford tail pack when I went to Italy for two weeks earlier in the year.

I take it you have been looking at these



Yo 'fro - where the hell are you hiding these days!!

I’ve ordered from these cheaper than the Ventura stuff but I’ll only use it occasionally and I don’t want to make holes in my bike for the ventura frame!

Alright luv…Yeah…Not riding currently…Bike in bits awaiting new sub frame…Don’t ask :rolleyes:

Have a good trip in Wales.

Bring me back a sheep as the girlfriend isn’t putting out :laugh:

I’ve been using one of these on my 08 R1

I don’t have any problems with the heat from the cans and if I need a bigger bag I can add the 10 litre tail pack as well.

Gonna borrow some of the kreiga stuff from a fellow LB’er :slight_smile:

mate do what me and des do just ride and buy stuff as and when you need it then bin it for the ride home

Where we’re going she can’t buy anything apart from a Sunday roast :smiley:

Dont give up, if you aint pleasing your Woman, there’s help out there Afro. Maybe try reading her one of your erotic stories first mate, to get her in the mood, sted of just diving straight in ;):DHere’s a link that might help :smiley:

I have an expandable tank bag and pair of throw over side paniers, you are more than welcome to borrow:) think they should fit.