Luggage for my bandit 600s 2003

Hey guys

I’ve only been a biker for about 3 years now and I still have the first 600 I bought after my test (love it too much to let it go) I have a Suzuki bandit s 2003 and I have a givi E450n top box fitted to the back but I need to add side cases now. Can someone help me please as I don’t know if I have to buy a whole new rack or if bits can be added for the side cases. I’d appreciate any advice please

Also my bike is silver and I’d like to replace the front fairings but I can’t find a replacement online anywhere in that colour

What about going for a tank bag, rather than panniers?
Easier to manourvre in traffic.

Or a roll bag for the pillion seat.

If you have a 45 litre top box that should be big enough for most trips. Add a Keriega US 30 to your seat and you’ll have 75 litres of space which is more than you probably need for a big trip.

Have a think about what you actually want to bring with you and why you need the space as most of the stuff you can probably do without.