Lucky plucker

FIXED, now ignore the phunny phukers comments…

How lucky is this?

From where the people are on the right side of the pic, he’s flipped end over end over the culvert…

Now then, thats luck he landed back on his wheels right?

Scrolll down…

This is what he managed to avoid…

Do the pics work for anyone else? :slight_smile:

Must be you Grim;)

Cos I don’t ride in the salt?? :unsure:

You FWB’s are all the same:DI can see red crosses perfectly;) I don’t get it though:cool:

could we have that in English you obtuse pair of barstewards!

Do you need some computer help Jamie;):smiley:

Yes B and I will show you the way round Brands mate :slight_smile:

I can see them fine, muct be you all that have broked PCs :hehe:

Must be… mine doesn’t slap me round the chops;)

Some plank can’t post pics up :smiley: :PHow’s that? :w00t:

screw you guys… 'm goin home

In your car?;):smiley:

Did you ride to the newbie night??

Newbie night?? I was at the LB car/van meet;):smiley:

After all that I’d seen it before :rolleyes: :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s working fine now :wink:

but what a mess already in the canyon…he sure was one lucky man/woman…but what a crap barrier system…

Think that he has used his quota of luck for the next couple of years :blink: